VDJ V8 Airbox Toyota Landcruiser 76/78/79 series


VDJ V8 Airbox Toyota Landcruiser 76/78/79 series Vdj V8 Air Box

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Toyota Landcruiser 76/78/79 series Vdj V8 Air Box 

chasing a little more performance or economy?

This is the airbox for you!!

The landcruiser 76/78/79 series V8 is renown for letting dust through the airbox so we have come up with a 100% sealed unit offering a massive airflow improvement over the original airbox.

The airbox is a direct bolt in using original mounting holes, No cutting inner panels,, No having to source joiner tubes,, No drilling holes,, A simple bolt in!

Comes with the factory look rubber join from the lid of the air box to the engine as well as the required hose clamps making the plumbing as simple as it can get.

This airbox is a 3rd bigger then the original and uses the 200 series Toyota landcruiser air cleaner element,

Having been able to make the airbox much larger with a much larger filter element and the funnel design 5 inch outlet lid allowed a massive improvement of airflow with test results flowing 41% Greater then the factory filter!

This airbox set up along with the big exhaust/dump pipe and the wide selection of tunes available for this model of Toyota there are big power gains achievable.

At the lowest point on the airbox is a Donaldson Vacuator water drain valve to insure any water that enters the snorkel and runs down to the airbox drains back out.



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