Toyota 100 Series Package

Stage 1: $2880.00

Diesel Tuning Solution

Nearly eliminating that “turbo lag” feeling. The 6cyl turbo diesel responds great with the extra power. This will also help with “pulling out in traffic”, “towing the caravan up the hill’s” and “taking off at the lights.” How does the Unichip work on your Turbo Diesel.

  • Fuel Control: Unichip has complete 3D control over fuel volume across the entire operating range of the engine. This allows the Unichip Trained technician to increase or decrease the fuel volume as required to a safe level . This helps in keeping the Air Fuel Ratios within a safe limit.
  • Injector Timing: This is a unique Unichip feature to have complete 3D control of injector timing.This means we can control the exact time they open to achieve optimised burn of fuel. This will result in lower exhaust gas temperatures and greater engine longevity.
  • Water Temp Protection: This is a built in safety feature using a Unichip Uni-x ECU. We have the ability to monitor engine temp via the coolant temperature sensor. This allows the Authorized Unichip agent to manipulate the tune on a sliding scale as the engine temperature rises. Meaning: As the engine temperature rises the Unichip Uni-x ECU will intercept a signal, removing the fuel and timing slowly and in a controlled fashion to ensure it maintains maximum power and torque output, without compromising the engine.
  • Throttle Booster: This feature enables the Unichip Uni-x ECU to achieve a faster throttle response and reduce turbo lag. Some people pay upward of $800 for a pedal booster kit. This is a standard feature in the Unichip Australia Plug & Play
  • Map Select : This option enables the 5 map capability of the Unichip Uni-x ECU. This means you can access the 5 maps which can be tailored to your requirements. EG, High Power Map, Towing Map, Standard Map, Immobiliser Map or Even a High Boost or Low Boost Map. Speak to your Authorised Unichip agent to tailor 5 tunes to suit your application.
  • Boost Control: This feature enables the Authorised Unichip agent to control boost pressure over the entire engine operating range with the Unichip Uni-x ECU and Electronic Boost Solenoid

Stage 2: (please get the images and description off our off our website)

As above with Turbo Back exhaust Stainless steel $1990.00 fitted.

HPD cooler: $1450.00 fitted.

Stage 3:

Turbo Kit and injectors. Garret turbocharger and +30% injectors.

New Fuel lines.

New exhaust manifold studs and Nuts.


Optional Extras:

  • Provent 200 catch can kit* required to have a catch can with this turbo kit.
  • Complete inlet manifold clean, remove, and clean inlet manifold, reassembled with new gaskets. (highly recommended)