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Option 1 

Up to 60 RWKW +150nm

Intro Price $2500.00 

Want peace of mind?

We work with the manufacturer if there is ever an issue with a vehicle presented that may have a problem related to our workmanship, we will always assist to resolve this swiftly.

The Unichip is no ordinary “chip” think of it more like a standalone ecu. We are not like so many that just increase boost pressure, only relying on the factory fuel curve (11.1:1 afr) to compensate for the increase in Boost Pressure. (Most of the tuning devices on the market only offer this). 

The Unichip is more like a complete aftermarket ECU, we have full 3D control over Air (Boost), Fuel and Ignition timing. We also modify the throttle, to sharpen the feel. The Unichip ECU can be “retuned” at any stage or as more performance parts are added to your vehicle. The Unichip can also have up to 5 separate tunes loaded into it, these can be accessed via a “MAP Select Switch” the most popular being a different Tune for different octane fuels.

Because the Unichip ecu “runs the engine” it does not communicate with the Factory ecu, no electronic footprint is left on the factory ecu. The Unichip can be removed at anytime in a couple of minutes and no electronic  trace is ever left. Once the Unichip is refitted none of the settings are “lost” and you go back to enjoying the power and torque!

We recommend you have the Unichip ECU fitted and tuned from your local Unichip agent. 

 Power Results:

OVER 60kw increase at 5200rpm

Standard: 227 Rear wheel kw at 5200rpm
Unichip: 288.3 Rear wheel kw at 5400rpm.

Torque Results:

With Impressive torque improvements as well,

increase in torque of 150nm at 2100rpm!

Standard: 446.2nm at the wheels.
Unichip: 608.0nm at the wheels.


Fuel Control:

Optimizing fuel control is crucial for maximizing both performance and efficiency in your vehicle. While most factory-tuned cars come with fuel mixtures set conservatively rich for safety reasons, this often leads to wasted fuel and potential performance limitations.

With the Unichip, we have the capability to finely tune and blend the fuel trims precisely where needed to correct any mass production discrepancies. By doing so, we can ensure that your engine runs more efficiently, ultimately leading to improved longevity and reliability.

Moreover, while the primary goal is to enhance efficiency and longevity, the additional power generated as a result of optimized fuel control serves as a welcome bonus. Trust in the Unichip to unlock the full potential of your vehicle while also improving fuel efficiency and extending engine life.

Ignition Timing Control:

Just like fuel control, ignition timing plays a critical role in optimizing engine performance and efficiency. Most factory cars come with ignition timing settings that are far from ideal. However, with the Unichip, we have the capability to finely optimize ignition timing across the entire rev range.

The Unichip allows for “LIVE” timing adjustments, meaning we can dynamically adjust timing and fuel settings in real-time, ensuring the best possible performance at each load site. This dynamic tuning approach is the most effective way to determine the optimal timing and fuel settings for your vehicle.

By optimizing ignition timing, your car will experience improvements in power, torque, and fuel economy. Additionally, for owners who choose to run premium unleaded fuel, we can tailor the tune to take full advantage of the higher-quality fuel, further optimizing performance and efficiency.

Throttle Manipulation:

The transition to “drive by wire” throttle systems has introduced new opportunities for vehicle performance optimization. With electronic control over throttle operation via the ECU (Engine Control Unit), manufacturers have implemented throttle opening limitations, sometimes restricting it to as low as 75%.

However, with the Unichip, we can unlock the full potential of your vehicle’s throttle system. By utilizing the power of the Unichip, we can optimize throttle control to open up to 100%, ensuring unrestricted airflow into the engine.

it also enhances acceleration by providing quicker throttle response times. By maximizing throttle opening and sharpening response times, you’ll experience improved performance and a more exhilarating driving experience.

Boost Control:

The Unichip offers unparalleled control over boost pressure, providing a comprehensive 3D mapping capability across the entire operating range of the engine. With this advanced control, Unichip-trained technicians can precisely adjust boost pressure to meet specific performance requirements while ensuring that Air Fuel Ratios (AFR) remain within safe limits.

By carefully managing boost pressure, the Unichip optimizes engine performance, delivering increased power and torque without compromising engine safety or reliability. This fine-tuning capability allows for a customized approach to boost pressure management, tailored to the unique needs of each vehicle and driving scenario.

With Unichip’s precise boost pressure control, you can enjoy enhanced performance while maintaining optimal engine health and longevity.


With the Unichip, we have full control over several sensors, enabling precise tuning and optimization of engine performance. These sensors include:

  1. Both MAP sensors (Manifold Absolute Pressure sensors): These sensors measure the pressure inside the intake manifold, allowing the Unichip to adjust fuel and ignition parameters based on the engine’s load.

  2. Both Lambda Sensors: Lambda sensors, also known as oxygen sensors, monitor the oxygen content in the exhaust gases. Unichip can adjust fuel delivery based on the feedback from these sensors to maintain optimal air-fuel ratios.

  3. The TPS (Throttle Position Sensor): The TPS measures the position of the throttle, indicating how much the driver is pressing on the accelerator pedal. Unichip can adjust fuel and ignition parameters based on throttle position to optimize engine performance.

  4. The Crank signal: The crankshaft position sensor provides information about the engine’s rotational speed and position. Unichip can use this data to adjust ignition timing and fuel delivery for precise control over engine operation.

  5. Waste Gate: The Unichip also offers control over the wastegate actuator, which is crucial for managing turbocharger boost pressure. The wastegate actuator controls the flow of exhaust gases to the turbocharger, regulating boost pressure and preventing over-boost situations.

    With Unichip’s wastegate actuator control, technicians can precisely adjust the wastegate operation to achieve the desired boost pressure levels throughout the engine’s operating range. This allows for fine-tuning of turbocharger performance, optimizing boost response, power delivery, and overall engine efficiency.

AFR’s what do we modify?
Air fuel ratio is modified by direct control of the Lambda sensors.
Ignition timing what do we adjust?
Ignition timing changes are made through the crank signal.
Boost control how is this achieved?
The boost curve is adjusted via RPM, boost curve and adjustments are made through direct control of the MAP sensors only, we do not touch the electronic wastegates.
What will the standard ECU see?
The standard ECU only ever sees standard boost levels due to the voltage clamp in the Unichip.
Optional Map Switch:
These maps have been set up to suit different fuel and conditions.

Maps Options

Map 1: 98 Octane

Map 2: 95 Octane

Map 3: 91 Octane

Map 4: Eco

Map 5: Standard


Please be aware Map 1, is the default map if for whatever reason you choose not to fit the Map select switch the vehicle will be running the 98 octane tune. It’s imperative you have 98 octane in the fuel tank if the Unichip Map select switch is not connected.

Please be aware if you run 91 octane fuel on the 98 Map you can cause catastrophic damage to your vehicle from engine detonation.


Want peace of mind?

We work with the manufacturer if there is ever an issue with a vehicle presented that may have a problem related to our workmanship, we will always assist to resolve this swiftly.

Option 1 -
280rwkw Custom Raptor Tee

Show off your Raptor’s power with the Dynomotive Raptor Tee! This custom-designed shirt lets you flex your rear wheel kilowatt figure proudly. Want to showcase your custom power figures? Just ask in-store, and we’ll tailor the shirt to your specifications.

With this tee, everyone will know the impressive rear wheel power of your Raptor. It’s a stylish way to celebrate your vehicle’s performance and make a statement wherever you go. Get yours today and let your power figures do the talking!

Optional Extra - Highly Recommended

Turbosmart B.O.V

While it’s not mandatory, we highly recommend fitting the TurboSmart B.O.V (Blow-Off Valve) as we increase the factory boost level by up to 4psi. The standard BOV is already operating near its limit from the factory, and although you may not encounter immediate issues, upgrading to the TurboSmart B.O.V is a proactive step to prevent potential failure down the track.

By installing the TurboSmart B.O.V, you’ll enhance the reliability and performance of your vehicle’s turbocharged system. This upgrade ensures that the BOV can effectively manage increased boost levels, maintaining optimal operation and protecting your engine from potential damage.

Investing in the TurboSmart B.O.V is a smart decision to safeguard the longevity and performance of your vehicle, providing peace of mind for your driving experience.

Raptor Ranger V6 TT LIVE Dyno Tuning - Episode1

Option 2  

Up to 80rkww increase

Intro Price $4190.00

Option 2 Consists of the Uni-X ECU & the Dynomoitve Dump Pipes fitted & live tuned drive away. 

Current optional extras for this package

– Map Switch & 5 tunes – Turbosmart B.O.V. – Bonnet Strut Kit – Transmission Cooler –

In Stock!

Our High Flow Raptor Dump Pipes or down pipes are made
locally using the finest stainless steel, the Catalyst is also high grade 100
cell material. The flanges are CAD designed and CNC machined from 304 grade
stainless steel. Each Dump Pipe is hand crafted and TIG welded using a 3D jig
to ensure fitment accuracy.

 The R&D process involved in developing these pipes
involves measuring the pressure drop across the stock dump pipe and cat,
measuring the throttle response and power and torque numbers generated by the
stock dump pipes. We then test various designs before settling on not just the
highest flow rate but also the most efficient Catalyst.

Please be aware not tested on GPF Fitted vehicles.


Dump Pipes & Unichip Results

*Unichip Dyno Tuned Power/Torque with Dump Pipes Fitted

Tuning Carried out on a Dyno Innovations Chassis Dyno.

Max Power: 300.3rwkw

Max Torque: 638.6 nm


Want to fit a set at home?

Option 2 -
300rwkw Custom Raptor Tee

Dynomotive – Raptor Tee (Option for custom Power Figures ask instore.)

Flex your rear wheel kilowatt figure! Now everyone will know the rear wheel power of your Raptor!

Dual Heavy Duty Transmission Oil Cooler Kit to suit Ford Ranger Raptor Next Gen Petrol with 10 Speed Auto.

For the Ford Raptor twin-turbo 3.0L, the best automatic transmission cooler kit should indeed offer a combination of durability, reliability, and exceptional transmission cooling performance. Dynomotive’s Ford Ranger Transmission Cooler kit is designed precisely to meet these requirements.

This transmission cooler allows your vehicle’s transmission to maintain normal operating temperatures even under demanding conditions such as towing or off-road driving. It’s engineered to withstand the rigors of 4WDing in Australia, ensuring durability and reliability when you need it most.

With Dynomotive’s Ford Ranger Transmission Cooler kit, you can have peace of mind knowing that your transmission is well-protected and performing at its best, even in the harshest driving conditions.

Transmission Cooler Fitted $1175


Ford Raptor Bonnet Strut Kit


Tired of struggling to keep your bonnet propped open on your valuable $100,000.00 vehicle?

We’ve got the perfect solution for you.

Full Video Below from Start to Finish
"Episode 2: Dump Pipe Build"

*Watch Episode 1 First.

Option 3 : Pre-book Now $9990.00

Option 3 includes the Uni-X ECU, Dynomotive Dump Pipes, and turbo back exhaust, all fitted and live-tuned for a seamless drive away experience. Additionally, you can enhance your package with these optional extras:

  • Map Switch & 5 tunes: Gain versatility with multiple tuning options tailored to different driving scenarios.
  • Turbosmart B.O.V.: Upgrade your Blow-Off Valve for improved reliability and performance under increased boost levels.
  • Bonnet Strut Kit: Say goodbye to the hassle of manually propping open your bonnet with this convenient kit.
  • Transmission Cooler: Keep your transmission operating at optimal temperatures, especially during towing or off-road adventures.
  • DM Intercooler: Upgrade to a larger intercooler for improved cooling efficiency and performance.

In Stock!

Dynomotive’s High Flow Raptor Dump Pipes, also known as “down pipes,” are crafted locally using top-quality stainless steel materials. The catalyst features high-grade 100-cell material, ensuring optimal performance and durability.

The flanges of the dump pipes are meticulously designed using CAD software and CNC machined from premium 304-grade stainless steel. This precision engineering guarantees a perfect fit and long-lasting performance.

Each dump pipe is handcrafted and TIG welded with precision, using a 3D jig to ensure accuracy in fitment. With Dynomotive’s High Flow Raptor Dump Pipes, you can trust in the quality and reliability of your exhaust system upgrade.

Option 3 - Dyno Results

*Unichip Dyno Tuned Power/Torque with Dump Pipes Fitted

Tuning Carried out on a Dyno Innovations Chassis Dyno.

Max Power: 314.6rwkw

Max Torque: 665.4 nm

More Information & video coming very soon!

DM Dump Pipe Back Exhaust

At Dynomotive, our commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of our exhaust systems. During the development stage, we meticulously measure exhaust system back pressure to identify and eliminate all “choke points” that hinder performance. We understand that the stock exhaust system may not meet the demands of your tuned engine, which is why our exhausts are designed to exceed expectations.

Our Ford Ranger Raptor Twin 3in Exhaust System features a full 3″ design with a strategically placed merge pipe that optimizes exhaust flow and enhances the exhaust note. Crafted from locally sourced 3 series stainless steel and meticulously TIG welded in state-of-the-art “JIGS,” our exhaust systems guarantee a perfect fit every time.

Whether you choose the turbo-back system with high-flow cats or the cat-back exhaust for a powerful sound upgrade, our exhausts are engineered to support upwards of 800hp, ensuring they will meet the demands of your project now and in the future. Don’t compromise on performance—upgrade to Dynomotive and unleash the full potential of your Ranger Raptor.


Limited Stock Available for pre order click link below.

Ford Raptor Build Episode 2.5

Stage 3 Optional Extra

Optional Extra* Not Included with this package only $2500

The Dynomotive Ranger Raptor Intercooler is a direct bolt-on factory replacement, making installation a breeze. Its core is an impressive 87.5% larger than the stock intercooler, while the end tanks are also 80% larger. This substantial increase in size translates to improved cooling efficiency and performance for your Ranger Raptor.

Moreover, the intercooler is designed for easy installation, utilizing factory mount locations and featuring rubber isolation from the bodywork. This ensures a snug fit and proper function without any unnecessary hassle.

Upgrade your Ranger Raptor with the Dynomotive Intercooler to experience enhanced performance and reliability, without compromising on ease of installation.

Episode 3 - Intercooler & Exhaust

Option 4 – Bolt on Turbo Kit

Drive away cost on a stock Raptor $31,900.00

Big HP. Big Turbos. Big Bragging Rights.

Transform your Ford Raptor V6 3.0L into a powerhouse with our twin turbo upgrade, pushing your power output from 220rwkw to an incredible 460rwkw. This comprehensive upgrade package includes:

  • Ported heads: Enhance airflow and optimize performance.
  • Upgraded valve springs: Ensure reliability and durability under high power conditions.
  • 2 x larger turbos: Turbochargers designed to deliver massive boost and horsepower gains.
  • Intake pipes: Maximize airflow into the engine for improved performance.
  • Intercooler: Efficiently cools intake air for denser, more powerful combustion.
  • Transmission cooler: Keep transmission temperatures in check for improved performance and longevity.
  • Transmission pan: Enhance cooling and fluid capacity for high-performance applications.
  • Uni-X ECU: Advanced engine management system for precise control and optimization of engine parameters.
  • LIVE dyno tune: Fine-tuning on the dyno to extract the maximum performance from your upgraded setup.
  • Turbo-back exhaust: Complete the package with a high-flow exhaust system for optimal exhaust gas flow and a powerful sound.

With this comprehensive upgrade package, your Ford Raptor will go from mild to wild, delivering exhilarating performance on and off the road. Trust in our expertise and experience to take your vehicle to the next level of power and excitement.

Big Turbo's Part One

Big Turbo's Part Two


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