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Landcruiser 70 Series 2007 - 2016 (Pre-DPF)

Stage 1 – Basic

+ Min 45 RWKW +300nm

$3300INC GST

How does the Uni-x ECU work on your 70 series V8 Diesel ? *Please note this package will require a clutch upgrade*

• Boost Control: Unichip has complete 3D control over boost pressure across the entire operating range of the engine. This allows the Unichip Trained technician to increase the boost pressure as required. This helps in keeping the Air Fuel Ratios within a safe limit.

• Injector timing: This is a unique Unichip feature to have complete 3D control of injector timing.This means we can control the exact time they open to achieve optimised fuel burn. This will result in lower exhaust gas temperatures and greater engine longevity.

• Fuel Rail Pressure: Unichip has full 3D control of Fuel Rail pressure, the simplest way to increase power on a turbo diesel. However there are rules to follow when increasing fuel rail pressure, these are taken into consideration from all of our trained Unichip Authorised agents.

• Injector Drivers: This feature allows the Unichip to have full 3D control of the Diesel Injectors via the Unichip D4D drivers for greater performance and flexibility.

What are the other advantages to the Uni-X?

• Throttle Booster: This feature enables the Unichip Q4 to achieve a faster throttle response and reduce turbo lag. Some people pay upward of $800 for a pedal  booster kit. This is a standard feature in the Unichip Australia Plug & Play.

• Water temp Protection: This is the “built in” safety feature of the new Unichip Q4 we have the ability to monitor engine temp via the coolant temperature sensor. This allows the Authorised Unichip agent to manipulate the tune on a sliding scale as the engine temperature rises. Meaning: As the engine temperature rises the Unichip Q4 will intercept a signal, removing the fuel, boost and timing, slowly and in a controlled fashion to ensure it maintains maximum power and torque output, without compromising the engine.

Optional Extras
• Map Select: This option enables the 5 map capability of the Unichip Q4. This means you can access the 5 maps which can be tailored to your requirements. EG, High Power Map, Towing Map, Standard Map, Immobiliser Map or Even a High Boost or Low Boost Map. Speak to your Authorised Unichip agent to tailor 5 tunes to suit your application.

Stage 2 – Camper

+ Min 45 RWKW +300nm

$5400 INC GST

Whats’s included for camper?

– Unichip Plug and Play Kit (As above)

– Unichip Map select Switch       

Upgraded Heavy Duty Clutch Kit

The EXEDY Safari Tuff Clutch Kit comprises a purpose engineered cover assembly which boasts a minimum 25% increase in clamp load in comparison to standard. The cover assembly also features an anodized cover pressing to limit corrosion, spheroidal graphite anti burst pressure plate casting and additional drive straps. 

The Safari Tuff Kit also comprises a high quality clutch disc which has upgraded damper springs and premium grade friction materials.

The Safari Tuff range has been designed by EXEDY in one of the world’s most comprehensive facilities and extensively tested in some of the toughest four wheel drive races in the world by champions in the Australian Safari, Malaysian Rainforest Challenge and the Xtreme Winch Challenge.

Stage 3 – Extreme (Off Road only)

+ Min 80 RWKW

$7700 INC GST

What is included for extreme?

– GTX 470 Turbo Kit

Additional required addons:


– (Stage 2 above)

– Unichip Plug and Play Kit    

– LIVE Dyno Tune

– Upgraded Heavy Duty Clutch Kit 

– Upgraded turbo back exhaust

GTX-470 Turbo Kit

Introducing the GTX-470 Turbo kit By Dynomotive for Unichip Australia & New Zealand. 

– Garret Turbocharger

– External Turbosmart waste gate

– New stainless steel dump pipe

– New intake pipe 

– New hot pipe adapter

– New oil feed and drain

– New water lines/fittings

This kit can achieve up to 230rwkw (With the addition of larger injectors). 

Usual results see 180rwkw -200rwkw with standard injectors & 31″ tyres, intercooler & air box mod.


Dyno Power Graph measured at the wheels on a chassis dyno.

Power Results:

Standard Power: 125rwkw

Dynomotive GTX-470 Power: 214.6rwkw

Torque results:

Standard Torque: 320nm

Dynomotive GTX470 Torque: 760nm

GTX-470 Episode 1

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