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The History of Unichip Australia and Dynomotive

We have been Authorised Unichip agents from the introduction of Unichip into the Australian Market back in 1993, Mark Trounson the owner of Dynomotive has been tuning the Unichip product for well over 20 years and has a great deal of knowledge on the tuning application of the product.

Some history below, the Unichip product was originally supplied to Australia from the original distributor Air Power Systems, leading the research and design for the Unichip application was Rob Rapisarda who was employed by Air power systems for 18 years, Rob has a number of motor racing achievements under his belt and well over 30 years of dyno tuning experience, he is arguably one of the top dyno tuners in the country. When the Unichip Version Q was being designed back in 2005 Rob was asked by Dastek (The South African Creators of Unichip) for a “wish list” of tuning applications that can be applied to the New Unichip software. Together Dastek and Rob created the new Unichip Q software and tunability we see today from the Unichip products. From Unichip Q to the new Unichip Q4!

Dynomotive was lucky enough to take over the Unichip distributorship back in 2011, since that date Rob has continued his automotive career in dyno tuning and Unichip by moving to Dynomotive as the head Dyno tuner. However the Unichip R&D has not stopped there with the steady growth of the Turbo Diesel Market, Rob and Paul Trounson (Unichip Sales Support) noticed that there was a gap that could be filled by the Unichip Q4 and the ability to get “plug and play” harness’s custom made for the Australian market. The biggest yet is the 200/70 series Toyota Landcruiser plug and play unit, utilising the UnichipQ4 and 2 x Unichip D4D drivers otherwise known as Unichip injector drivers. (The D4D drivers were also a collaborative effort created with the input of Rob’s technical knowledge.)

This is just some of the examples of how Unichip Australia has been involved since the beginning and at the forefront of the Unichip design and development. Don’t comprise you experience or your vehicle with people claiming to be Unichip agents who are not on our dealer list. The leaders in Unichip tuning in this country are all authorised and available to supply, fit and tune the Unichip product so you can drive away with confidence

What does Dynomotive and Unichip Australia Offer you?

Dynomotive a family business that was established in 1974 Dynomotive has always been at the forefront of Dyno tuning in this Country. Having produced a number of record breaking vehicles, in many different classes’ from the First LS1 in Australia to run 12’s to the First LS1 in Australia to runs 9’s to the world’s first and fastest VY GEN111 “1 Tonner” (7.86 ¼ Mile @188 MPH), to the FASTEST naturally aspirated VE Holden in Australia (10.8 @ 134MPH, still running the 6l80e auto).

At Dynomotive we have a 4X4 Dynamometer and a combined tuning experience of over 100 years, this allows us to not only carry out full custom tunes on all the Subaru range, the Mitsubishi Evo, and especially your turbo diesel Land cruiser and any other All wheel drive vehicle, we have a in house “Fabrication Shop,” equipped with all the latest fabrication equipment, including Tig Welder, Mig welder, Mill, and many more tools required to customise you vehicles every needs.

In the last couple of years we have noticed a Change in the market place from people wanting to make large power numbers, in V8 Holden’s and Turbo Charged 6 cylinder Falcons to customers wanted More Power, More Torque and Better fuel economy from their Turbo diesel Vehicles. Whether it’s just “trade guys” wanting more towing power or “Grey Nomads” wanting better fuel consumption. Turbo Diesel power upgrades are the next big thing.

We have been lucky enough to be at the front line with the development of the Unichip Q 4 and its Diesel application capabilities. Having spent countless hours developing the New Unichip Q4, the injector drivers for Toyota D4D, and soon to be released Injector driver for Ford Ranger/ Mazda BT50. With our OWN Ford Ranger you will be able to come down and road test the vehicle before you commit to a Unichip enhancement! If that’s not enough to get you across the line we offer a full 30day money back PERFORMANCE guarantee on the Unichip hardware! With a full 2 year unlimited warranty on all parts used.

However, our Australian R&D doesn’t finish there, we have spent well over 18 months developing the brand new Plug and Play harness for the V8 Turbo Diesel 200/70 V8 Toyota Land cruiser. These can only be purchased through Authorized Unichip Agents. So please give your local Unichip agent a call before you compromise your vehicle with a less than perfect tuned chip from an Unknown source, after all your vehicle is your pride and joy and doesn’t deserve to be compromised.

We do not just build fast reliable cars, we also take pride ourselves in customer service and satisfaction. If you have a goal no matter how large or small, we can achieve it.

We have been working with a lot of custom “project cars” as we like to call them, in recent years. This has given a great response from not only the customer’s satisfaction but also the team members at Dynomotive. 

The staff at Dynomotive are loyal, honest and fully trained and qualified. We can answer all your questions or queries you may have regarding the modifications, performance upgrades, maintenance or service to your vehicle.

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