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Torque Lock VE 6 Pinion Differential

Torque Lock VE 6 Pinion Differential use a high-tech design to provide a quiet, automatic splitting of the torque


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Torque Lock VE 6 Pinion Differential use a high-tech design to provide a quiet, automatic splitting of the torque.

  • by splitting the torque it powers two separate places at once,
  • it controls how much power is sent to each wheel.
  • these split torques systems are popular in all-wheel drive vehicles

Normal transmission has a single set of gears connecting to the engine by way of the flywheel, whilst a split torque transmission has two such gear sets sitting side by side.

  • they perform like an open differential under normal driving conditions.
  • automatic transfer of the torque to the wheels will deliver better traction.
  • locking differentials are able to provide 100% of the available torque to the wheels.
  • the primary use is on off road vehicles.

Having good bearing seal ensures no contaminants will reach the inside of your parts.   Whilst keeping lubricants from leaking out.  Bearings used in the differential need to be in perfect condition to achieve the following: –

  • an extended bearing life,
  • minimise friction at the wheels,
  • constantly support the vehicle’s weight without issues.

When the right seals are used they will ensure a proper leak proof seal.

  • keeping the lubricant inside the bearings
  • and keeping the contaminants out.

Torque Lock VE 6 Pinion Differential comes fully Assembled in a forged steel case.  For use with all VE and VF commodores.

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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 29.9 × 29.9 × 29.9 cm


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