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Ford Raptor Ranger V6 TT Dynomotive Dump Pipes


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Available on back-order


*Due to High Demand Back order only, 8-12 week lead time. 

Our High Flow Raptor Dump Pipes or down pipes are made locally using the finest stainless steel, the Catalyst is also high grade 100 cell material. The flanges are CAD designed and CNC machined from 304 grade stainless steel. Each Dump Pipe is hand crafted and TIG welded using a 3D jig to ensure fitment accuracy.

The R&D process involved in developing these pipes involves measuring the pressure drop across the stock dump pipe and cat, measuring the throttle response and power and torque numbers generated by the stock dump pipes. We then test various designs before settling on not just the highest flow rate but also the most efficient Catalyst.

TIG welding a stainless steel exhaust pipe

Specifically designed for the Raptor Ranger 3lt TT.  Made from quality stainless steel providing 100 cell hi-flow cats, 3″ outlet to Cat 2.5″ post cat.

Installation of a Unichip E.C.U and completion of a live dyno tune the Kia Stinger will achieve an increase in power over 330rwkw though these dump pipes.

The job of the exhaust system is to eliminate dangerous gases out of the vehicle and reduce exhaust noise.   Each exhaust system comprise many pipes that work in conjunction to provide an exit for exhaust gasses to escape.
Custom made exhaust systems with included dump pipes are wider in diameter and made using superior-quality stainless steel than stock exhaust systems
Dynomotive Built Raptor Ranger v6 TT stainless steel dump pipes provide an exhaust exit to allow for the relief of back pressure and hot exhaust gases.

*May bring on engine light.

To get more torque and horsepower out of your engine, ideally fit a performance aftermarket exhaust system, & LIVE tune with the Unichip ECU.  This will also improve performance and fuel economy.


Potential Power Improvements when fitted and Tuned with a Uni-X ECU + 15rwkw.


Please note, the above dyno graph is only an indication of what is achievable with the Uni-x ECU, LIVE dyno tune and Dynomotive Dump pipes fitted. Every vehicle is different, results may vary.

*May Bring on engine light*




Raptor Ranger v6 TT Petrol Blow Off Valve – B.O.V

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 60 × 40 × 40 cm
Car Year

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