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Air-suspension-helper-rear-suit-Toyota Landcruiser

Airbag kit includes two airbags, high pressure sleeves, airbag end protectors, airline tubing and two inflation valves, full instructions included

Please select your vehicle and type of airbag from dropdown boxes.


  • hbmc = No Hydraulic Body Motion Control System (HBMC)
  • RC = rear coil
  • 85322 = airbag bellows
  • S Leaf = rear leaf springs
  • HP = High pressure



Air-suspension-helper-rear-for Toyota, 2002-2022. Airbag kit includes two airbags, high pressure sleeves, airbag end protectors, airline tubing and two inflation valves, full instructions included.

  • Landcruiser and Hilux air suspension helpers

High Pressure kit for Heavy Towing and/or vehicles being loaded to Maximum Allowable Weights
Airbags are fitted inside coil springs to provide load carrying assistance and are easily inflated or deflated to cater for the vehicle loading


HP recommended for heavy load and most towing applications. Suitable for use on vehicles with HBMC
Independent Rear Suspension vehicle- Suspension assistance up to 280kg. For more load carrying an uprated coil spring may be required.
Easy Fit Kit

Fitment Time:
120 minutes for the Air-suspension-helper-rear-for-Toyota

NOTE: There are many types of Air-suspension-helpers

  • Blue series – designed to fit inside the existing coil springs, 5-60 psi adjustable pressure
  • Air suspension helper Blue
  • Red series- specifically designed to fit inside existing coil springs, provides 5-35psi adjustable pressure
  • Air Suspension helper - Red
  • Ultimate black series – ultimate series is designed to provide 60 PSI of pressure
  • Air Suspension helper - Black ULT
  • Leaf spring helpers – fitted in addition to leaf springs
  • Air suspension helper - Leaf
  • Replacement airbags – designed to replace the rear coils
  • Air suspension helper - Coil Replacement

Air Suspension Helper review.   We now know that air suspension helpers can help with load bearing.  In Summary, helpers also assist in: –

  • Providing comfort when driving on poor roads and off road,
  • Reduce noise and vibration, air helpers also assist with potholes and speed humps,
  • Adjustable PSI pressure gives the driver the ability to adjust their vehicle for greater control and personal preferences,
  • And last but not least, better fuel economy, through better aerodynamics and reduced wind resistance.

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Weight4.5 kg
Dimensions40 × 40 × 25 cm


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Car Year

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Air Suspension Helpers

Raised 100mm, Raised 20mm, Raised 25mm, Raised 25mm ULT, Raised 45mm, Raised 50mm, Raised 50mm excluding Grande, Raised 50mm leaf, Raised 50mm Red, Raised 50mm ULT, Raised 50mm ULT excluding Grande, Raised 75mm, Raised 75mm excluding Grande, Raised 75mm ULT, Raised 75mm ULT excluding Grande, Standard, Standard excluding Grande, Standard Leaf, Standard Red, Standard Red excluding Grande, Standard ULT, Standard ULT excluding Grande


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