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AF91-6003 ‘Flexible Aluminised Heat Barrier’

AF91-6003 ‘Flexible Aluminised Heat Barrier’


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Aeroflow’s heat barrier is an excellent method for reflecting unwanted heat from surfaces needing protection.

Minimal thickness to provide an easy installation and can be retained in place with Aeroflow’s stainless straps or simply riveted in place.

When used as a heat shield the barrier should be installed so the bright metallic surface faces the heat source.

When used to retain heat, the fabric side faces the heat source.

This allows the metallic surface to act as a barrier to prevent penetration of fluids.

Withstands 1100°C (2000F) radiant heat and 650°C (1200F) direct heat and can be easily trimmed to desired size.

Pack 102cm x 1.83m


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