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5MS1010H-STD ‘ACL Race Series Main Bearing Set’

5MS1010H-STD ‘ACL Race Series Main Bearing Set’


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  • ACL Race Series Main Bearing Set Fits Ford 302/351Ci Cleveland has you covered:-

    • high-Performance Trimetal Engine Bearings
    • ability to withstand Higher RPM Conditions
    • high Strength Overlay Plate for Improved Fatigue Properties
    • hardened Steel Backs on All Rod Bearings to Improve Bearing Lining & Retention
    • Increased Crush for Improved Bearing Retention
    • Elimination of Flash Plating on Back of Bearings & Maximise Grip Between Bearings & Housing
    • Increased Eccentricity to Compensate for Bore Distortion at High RPM & Assist in Formation of Hydrodynamic Oil Films
    • 3/4 Grooved Main Bearings to Optimise Bearing Load Carrying Surface Area & Oil Flow to Conrod Bearings
    • Tight Consistent Wall Tolerances to Help Maintain Consistent Clearances
    • Enlarged ID Chamfers on Bearing Edges Were Required to Accommodate Large Fillet Radius on Performance Crankshafts
  • Specifications Half Type: Upper & Lower
    -Material: F780
    -Min. Std Shaft Size: 69,809 mm / 2.7484 in
    -Max Std Shaft Size: 69,83 mm / 2.7492 in
    -Min. Std Tunnel Size: 74,719 mm / 2.9417 in
    -Max Std Tunnel Size: 74,74 mm / 2.9425 in
    -Max Wall at Crown: 2,443 mm / 0.0962 in
    -Max Overall Length: 22,35 / 0.8799 in (2107H), 28,4 mm / 1.1181 in (2108H(F))


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