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Valve Springs SUPER FINISHING, will remove the imperfections in the steel which occur during manufacturing.  This provides a more superior product protecting your engine parts.  Your street or track machine will run smoother and with improved performance
Valve springs play an important role in controlling the breathing of combustion engines. Valves mechanically opened the camshaft, via valve lifters or tappets, and closed by the valve springs.
The valve spring keeps the valves closed tightly against their seats until the cam opens the valve, which releases pressure.

There are many kinds of valve springs available, the other main difference between valve springs is the amount of pressure they apply to the cam and valve. Choosing a valve of the right spring pressure is important to ensure that the valve is retracted fast enough, to reduce any possible failures in the system.

If your car is misfiring, making a tapping noise or backfiring then you may have a broken spring.  Springs break because of the exertion placed on them during operation of the engine.

When valve springs break; they may collapse just enough to allow the valve, to drop into the cylinder. As a result, the piston may strike it, causing severe damage to; the piston cylinder head, and other nearby parts.

Engine Damage

The resulting damage, may be:

  • Bents valves.
  • Cracked pistons.
  • Damaged cylinder walls.
  • Cracked heads or block.
  • Overheating, leading to burning and cracking
Burnt Valve In Cylinder Head

Valve spring super finishing will reduce the risk of problems to your valve springs, so why not look at getting other components super finished to protect your car.

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Weight5 kg
Dimensions39.9 × 29.9 × 9.9 cm
Gear Set

Diff Gear Set


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