700hp World Record Kia Stinger GT
We don’t normally “claim World Records” for the most powerful engine, because it’s impossible to verify what others are doing.
But some guys from the USA claimed this very record, funny thing is they are at least 100hp behind us (probably more because they measured the power on a Dyno jet accelerometer) this is our effort pre-Covid...
Dyno Results in both HP and KW measured at the wheels using a Dyno Dynamics Dynometer. 
HP at the wheels: 708.6hp
Foot-Pound Torque: 620ftLb
As above but in Metric kilowatt. 
Kw at the wheels: 528.4rwkw
Newton Meter of Torque: 820nm

The advantage of having a state-of-the-art facility, we can take the time and manufacture all components required in house to build a high HP turbo kit.

We have not finished with this kit or package yet, there is still more potential.