Volkswagon Amarok 3lt Turbo Diesel 2016-Present



This program has been written in Australia (here at Unichip HQ) to suit the late 2016 V6 Amarok, It has all the bells and whistles, with Updated Unichip PD6 (Injector drivers) to give you a smoother more controlled onset of torque delivery in the lower end of the rev range, this in itself nearly eliminates all turbo lag.


The power increase displayed on the dyno Graph below is:

40% Increase!

– Standard: 144 kw at the wheels
-Unichip: 201.5 kw at the wheels (with revised injector drivers)

The Torque increase displayed on the dyno graph below is:


-Standard: 430nm at the wheels

-Unichip: 700nm at the wheels

How does the Unichip work on your VW Amarok V6. 

• Boost Control: Unichip has complete 3D control over boost pressure across the entire operating range of the engine. This allows the Unichip Trained technician to increase the boost pressure as required. This helps in keeping the Air Fuel Ratios within a safe limit.

• Injector Timing: This is a unique Unichip feature to have complete 3D control of injector timing.This means we can control the exact time they open to achieve optimised fuel burn. This will result in lower exhaust gas temperatures and greater engine longevity.

• Fuel Rail Pressure: Unichip has full 3D control of Fuel Rail pressure, the simplest way to increase power on a turbo diesel. However there are rules to follow when increasing fuel rail pressure, these are taken into consideration from all of our trained Unichip Authorised agents.

• Injector Drivers: This feature allows the Unichip to have full 3D control of the Diesel Injectors via the Unichip I6P drivers for greater performance and flexibility

• Throttle Booster: This feature enables the Unichip Uni-x ECU to achieve a faster throttle response and reduce turbo lag. Some people pay upward of $800 for a pedal  booster kit. This is a standard feature in the Unichip Australia Plug & Play.

• Water Temp Protection: This is the “built in” safety feature of the Unichip Q we have the ability to monitor engine temp via the coolant temperature sensor. This allows the Authorised Unichip agent to manipulate the tune on a sliding scale as the engine temperature rises. Meaning: As the engine temperature rises the Unichip Q will intercept a signal, removing the fuel, boost and timing, slowly and in a controlled fashion to ensure it maintains maximum power and torque output, without compromising the engine.
• S.E.N.T Modual: The New Amarok uses sensors that send digital information instead of normal voltage signals. This type of sensor uses the “SENT” format for signal communication. It stands for “Single Edge Nibble Transmission” (A “Nibble” is 4 bytes of data).