Toyota Land Cruiser 200 series exhaust 2016 - Present (DPF Deleted)

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Toyota Land Cruiser 200 series exhaust 2015-2016 (Pre DPF)

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Stainless Steel Turbo back exhaust system


Toyota Land Cruiser 200 series exhaust 1VD-FTV V8 Twin Turbo 4.5lt diesel.  

This is stainless steel turbo back exhaust to suit 200 series Toyota Landcruiser,

from 2007-2016  1VD-FTV.


Kit includes:

Twin dump pipes, twin flex joins, Hi-flow cats, 3"-3.5" straight through muffler

single 3.5" dump at rear.

This winning combination allows maximum flow without compromising any cabin "drone."

Unichip combination, 
this Australian Made exhaust gives you nothing but high quality workmanship and results.

So what’s different to every other exhaust on the market?

  1. The tapered port matched Venturi on the turbo side of the dump pipe.

    2. Flex join to help with excessive movement when in high stress situations.

    3. 3" - 3.5" Stainless Steel.

    4. This is designed to work with the Unichip, a custom 
    dyno tune will complement the characteristics of this exhaust. 
    Giving even more top end power and bottom end torque!



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