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RC3128K – Rocker Cover Kit

RC3128K – Rocker Cover Kit


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Permaseal Rocker Cover Gasket Kit

Ford Falcon-Fairlane-LTD-Fairmont INC XT XR6 XR6T Turbo G6 G6E Turbo Force 6 F6 Tornado & Typhoon

Ford Territory SX SY SZ INC F6X SY

This rocker cover gasket kit is to suit Ford BA BF FG 6cyl 4.0L Barra Inc Turbo Engine found in Ford BA BF FG & Territory comes with spark plug seal’s, cover gasket, throttle body 4 bolt gasket & PCV Grommet.

Keep your oil where it belongs and not leaking down the sides of your engine block with a quality Permaseal valve cover gasket. As well as being messy it can lead to engine misfires from leaks into spark plug wells not to mention the possibility of engine fires from oil combustion. Permaseal Valve Cover Gaskets are designed to exact OEM standards to ensure that they fit and perform like the original. With a focus on quality, you’ll find these components to be manufactured from high-quality materials such as Polyacylic (ACM) rather than inferior rubber blends, to give you that superior seal.

Permaseal manufactures much of its range in Australasia from the finest gasket and sealing materials, and source components from world leading OEM suppliers in Japan, Europe and the USA to ensure that they will meet the needs of local vehicles and customers. Featuring a combination of local production and worldwide sourcing through OEM manufacturers, Permaseal Quality Automotive Gaskets provide Australasia’s leading engine sealing solutions. Backed by a substantial 3 year / 100,000 kilometre warranty you can trust in the quality of Permaseal Gaskets.

Gaskets exist for a reason and no matter how finely machined the mating surfaces, the necessity for a tight seal is integral to many functions on your vehicle. Whether keeping intake or exhaust gases from escaping through to stopping oil or coolant from leaking, it is vital that the gasket performs its duty under the most torturous of conditions. Have a gasket fail on your vehicle and you’ll be faced with anything from a mild inconvenience through to a major headache and many thousands of dollars in repairs. Keep on top of your vehicle maintenance and replace gaskets as they wear or deteriorate and save on costly repairs down the track.

Gaskets appear in all areas of a vehicle and can be constructed of a variety of materials to cope with the demands on that component. In times past a large variety of gaskets were simply constructed of gasket paper that took up the space between parts and relied upon a gasket compound to adhere to each surface. This method and its simplicity were effective to a point but over time and with constant pressure or fluids acting upon these they would give way and leak. Modern construction methods and advances in technology see gaskets being made of metal, rubber, silicone, cork, felt, nitrile, fibreglass, Teflon or a combination of these to suit their task. Each purposely designed for its specific application, modern vehicles utilise an array of gaskets constructed of materials that are the most effective in combating their intended use. Whether it be the high temperature environment of an exhaust gasket through to a high pressure application such as a water pump housing you need to use the correct gasket to maintain safe and effective operation of your vehicle.


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Dimensions 39.9 × 29.9 × 9.9 cm


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