Kia Stinger GT Exhaust - Cat Back

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Kia Stinger GT Exhaust Bi-Modal - Cat Back Stainless Steel Australia made 2.5"

The All New Exhaust Coming Soon! 


- Bi-Modal - Stainless Steel - Australian Made - Cat Back


2.5" Primary Cat back Kit includes:

- Twin runner pipes to centre section.

- Press bent "X" Pipe.

- 2.5" Centre Resinators

- Bi-modal Rear mufflers

- Factory style Mounts

- Factory Ground clearance 

- Fitting kit, bolts, gaskets flages.


This winning combination allows maximum flow without compromising any cabin "drone."

Unichip combination, 
this Australian Made exhaust gives you nothing but high quality workmanship and results.

This is designed to work with the Unichip, a custom dyno tune will complement the characteristics of this exhaust. Giving even more top end power and bottom end torque!

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