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Kia Stinger Front Sway Bar

Kia Stinger Front Sway Bar


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Kia Stinger Front Sway Bar – Developed, tested, and manufactured right here in Australia.

Did you know that a sway bar is also known as anti-sway or anti-roll bar?  These bars aim to keep your car from leaning or rolling around corners, especially at higher speeds.  The bar is needs to be connected to the vehicle’s suspension control arms.

Sway bar work by resisting the twisting force applied to it when one wheel moves down or up compared with the other wheel, this results in the weight being transferred from one side of the vehicle to the other.

A sway bar will only work when one wheel is either higher or lower than the other; it aims to try and keep things level. Great for those off-road adventures

Kia Stinger Front Sway Bar will enhance the stability of your car by providing sharper steering and less body roll.  You will achieve a better and safer driving experience.   Sway bar kits not only deliver dramatically superior performance outcomes but also exceptional durability and service life.

Shock absorbers, coil springs and suspension all play a critical role in controlling weight transfer and limiting body rolls, which in turn controls the wheel alignment.  This ensures that all 4 wheels have better contact with the road surface, improving safety.

Be aware though a bigger stronger sway bar may cause more stiffness and thus the transmission of road harshness may affect the comfort of the ride.

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Watch how we managed to get a world record on the Kia Stinger


Weight8 kg
Dimensions99.9 × 44.9 × 24.9 cm


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