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GM 6 Litre Alloy race engine

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  • Engine block bored and torque plate honed to 4.010” x 4” Callies 4340 Steel crankshaft 404CI. Bore finished to fuel choice (e85 requires special hone pattern)
  • Forged Steel “H” beam con rods
  • Forged high comp pistons, comp ratio from 11.3:1 up to 14.5:1 depending on fuel choice (final comp ratio discussed with build options)
  • Block deck surface to zero deck height
  • Main tunnel line hone
  • Cam tunnel line honed and race series one-piece cam bearings fitted
  • Block machined for stroke clearance
  • Custom camshaft complete choice to suit final combination
  • GM performance oil pump and girdle kit
  • Double row adjustable timing chain kit
  • LS7 Lifters and buckets (solid lifters optional)
  • Billet one or two-piece timing cover
  • Choice of front or rear deep pan/sump
  • Double valve spring kit with titanium retainers BTR one-piece shaft kit (optional adjustable rockers for solid camshaft)
  • Chrome-moly pushrod kit
  • Brand new LS3 heads CNC ported or optional 10 degree MAST CNC ported heads
  • Choice of inlet system depending on chassis and bonnet clearance


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