Exhaust Turbo Back Nissan Patrol GU Common Rail 3.0L Wagon-1

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Nissan Patrol GU Common Rail 3.0L Ute Exhaust System 2 3/4 (2 1⁄2" Dump Pipe To Cat)

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Stainless steel Turbo back exhaust system. 

Nissan Patrol GU Common Rail 3.0L UTE Exhaust System 2 /34" with 2 1⁄2" Dump Pipe To Cat.


Kit includes:

Dump pipe 2.5" to cat, flex join, Hi-flow cat, 2. 3/4" straight trough muffler

single 2.3/4" dump at rear.

This winning combination allows maxinum flow with out compromising any cabin "drone."

This Australian Made exhaust gives you nothing but high quality workmanship and results.

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