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Bluetooth Map Select Switch

Bluetooth Map Select Switch, Suit Uni-X, Unichip Q, Unichip Q+, Unichip Uni-x ECU


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Bluetooth Map Select Switch

The Map select switch enables you to choose between 5 different possible maps that can be programmed by your dealer according to your wishes for example:

Some of the most common are:

– Immobilizer, (suits all vehicles.)
– Valet tune for when you get your vehicle detailed, (suits all vehicles.)
– High idle for winching, (suits all vehicles.)

– Rock Crawling Map. (Throttle sensitivity modified)
– High boost, (turbo application.)
– Low boost, (turbo application.)
– Fuel economy, (suits all vehicles.)
– Towing, (suits all vehicles.)
– High octane 95 Ron, (petrol only.)
– Low octane 98 Ron, (petrol only.)
– Custom L.P.G tune and custom Petrol Tune for Dual fuel vehicles.
– No2 Tune to suit Nitrous Oxide, (Race purpose only)
– For the new E85 fuel available Unichip can run auxiliary injectors, giving you the flexibility to have your vehicle set up to run E85 and 98 octane fuel at the flick of a switch.

Unichip Version

Q, Q+, Uni-x ECU, UniX


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