Unichip ECU: 


Fuel Control: As 99.99% of factory cars come tuned VERY RICH, it makes sense to lean the fuel mixtures back to a safe area that enables the car to make good power without wasting fuel. With the Unichip we can blend the fuel trims only were required to correct the mass production “errors” allowing the engine to run more efficiently and ultimately last longer, the extra power produced is just a bonus!!

Ignition Timing Control: As with fuel control factory cars come with the ignition timing a long way away from ideal. With the Unichip we can optimise the ignition timing across the entire rev range, with Unichip “LIVE” timing and fuel adjustments are possible, this is the only true way of determining the best possible timing and fuel setting at each load site. Ultimately this will give the car more power, more torque and greater fuel economy. If the owner chooses to run premium unleaded fuel we can set the tune to take full advantage of the higher quality fuel.

Throttle Manipulation: Many new cars are “Drive by wire” meaning the throttle is now electronically controlled via the E.C.U. Not driven by a cable any more. With this control manufacturers are now controlling the amount of throttle opening and limiting throttle opening in some cases up to 75%!
Utilizing the power of the Unichip we open your throttle to 100% and also sharpen the response time! Giving you more power and torque and faster acceleration!

Boost Control: Unichip has complete 3D control over boost pressure across the entire operating range of the engine. This allows the Unichip Trained technician to increase the boost pressure as required. This helps in keeping the Air Fuel Ratios within a safe limit.
What sensor’s do we have full control over?
- Both MAP sensors
-Both Lambda Sensors
- The TPS
- The Crank signal
AFR’s what do we modifiy?
Air fuel ratio is modified by direct control of the Lambda sensors.
Ignition timing what do we adjust?
Ignition timing changes are made through the crank signal.
Boost control how is this achieved?
The boost curve is adjusted via RPM, boost curve and adjustments are made through direct control of the MAP sensors only, we do not touch the electronic wastegates.
What will the standard ECU see?
The standard ECU only ever sees standard boost levels due to the voltage clamp in the Unichip.
Air Intakes:


  • Increased horsepower
  • Tuned and dyno-tested to improve acceleration and engine sound
  • Easy to install using commonly available tools
  • Air filter lasts up to 100,000 miles before cleaning is required (depending on driving conditions)
  • Washable and reusable oil-free filter media
  • Roto-molded Plastic Air Intake Tubing
  • AEM Lifetime Limited Warranty
This Performance Air Intake System allows your engine to breathe more air compared to the restrictive factory air intake housing. It is designed, tuned and dyno-tested to produce more horsepower and torque. This system replaces both the left and right side intakes. The cone shaped AEM Dryflow air filter is made from an oil-free, synthetic filter media that can be used for up to 100,000 miles before cleaning is needed (depending on driving conditions). The durable powder coated heatshields utilize the factory air ducting and the intake tubes are made from roto-molded plastic. This Air Intake System is backed by AEM's Lifetime Limited Warranty. Some AEM air intakes are not legal for sale or use in California and other states adopting California emission standards, while others are 50 state legal. View the vehicle applications to determine the legal status for each vehicle. 
Stainless Steel Dump pipes.

Australian made Dump pipes with 100 cell hi-flow cats, specifically designed

for your Kia Stinger GT easy fitment in original position to standard cat back exhaust. 

Best tuned with the Unichip E.C.U LIVE on the dyno, with supporting mods over

330rwkw is achievable though these dump pipes. No Engine light!

Cat back Exhaust in Stainless steeel


  • Twin 2.5" Cat-Back system;
  • Twin Hot-Dog style center resonators;
  • Slip joint design centre section
  • Polished stainless 304 grade
  • Varex rear mufflers - Controlled Via remote


Intercooler Kit:

The Kia Stinger GT with it’s 3.3L Turbo uses an air to air front mount intercooler to keep the charge temperatures down. Agency Power has designed an Intercooler Upgrade with a larger core capacity and integrated aluminum end tanks to help maintain cooler air temps. The Agency Power high flow intercooler for is a direct replacement for factory. With this performance intercooler, your Stinger GT will be able to keep gains in both horsepower and torque by preventing heat soak. 

Agency Power uses a bar and plate intercooler cores same style as factory only with a larger core size for better cooling. The intercooler has integrated aluminum high volume end tanks unlike the plastic factory, which hold in less heat and allows air flow to never be compromised when the turbocharger requires it.  Each intercooler kit is designed to fit using factory intercooler hoses and mounting brackets. Agency Power Intercooler Upgrades are available in silver and a stealth black finish.


  • Bar and Plate Intercooler
  • High Flow Aluminum End Tanks
  • Air to Air Intercooler
  • Larger Core Size
  • Designed as a Factory Replacement
  • Core Size: 26.5 x 8 x 3.5 Inches


  • 2018+ Kia Stinger GT 3.3L TT


Kia Stinger BIG MOUTH Dual Ram Air intake Kia Stinger 3.3T 18-19

If you want a true ram air system for your Kia Stinger GT 3.3T or 2.0T. This is the hot ticket. Not only will you pick up the top end you crave, from our expertly engineered, low pressure-drop, hi-flow ram inlets; you'll be able to customize the Velossa Tech BIG MOUTH inlets to your hearts content! When people see those giant flared BIG MOUTH's behind the grille, they'll know it's Velossa Tech!

BIG MOUTH ram inlets are compatible with, and will give a boost to your stock airbox or virtually any aftermarket intake system

Whether you drag race, roll race or drive spiritedly, the BIG MOUTH inlets will give your Stinger the airflow it wants and the top end it needs. Give your Stinger a boost!

Velossa Tech Design is a world leader in 3D-printed aftermarket automotive parts. With the ability to color customize all of our products, we are pioneering color-customizable parts made in the USA with over 28 colors to choose from (the combinations are endless). All of our products go through rigorous engineering design, 3D print optimization and post-processing for strength and longevity as well as aesthetics. All supplied hardware is stainless steel for corrosion resistance and longevity. Our expertise in 3D printed automotive components is second to none - we like to push the envelope as we develop our own in-house strategies for 3D print production.

Turbosmart BOV Kompact Dual Port Fits KIA Stinger G80 3.3L V6 (2 valves)


  • Kia Stinger 3.3T 18-19

A direct fit high performance replacement for the factory all plastic unit, the Turbosmart Kompact BOV suits the KIA Stinger and Genesis Sport G80 models. The Turbosmart unit is made of billet aerospace grade aluminium with high temperature seals that allows for minimal leakage and a complete seal across the bypass aperture providing as much turbo performance as possible. 

Benefits include: 

  • Direct fit upgrade for the factory BOV on KIA Stinger/Genesis G80 3.3L V6 
  • Packaged with a blanking plug to switch the unit into pure vent to atmosphere or plumb-back modes 
  • All billet CNC construction and attractive anodized finish 
    Manufactured, assembled and validated in-house at Turbosmart HQ