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Nissan Patrol Y62

V8 Nissan Patrol Y62 Packages 2013 - Present.

Kia Stinger GT 3.3lt Turbo Packages

Kia Stinger Package's to suit your requirements.

70 Series Landcruiser Packages

79, 78 & 76 Packages 2016 To Present.

About Dynomotive

The History of Unichip Australia and dynomotive. We have been Authorised Unichip agents from the introduction of Unichip into the Australian Market back in 1993, Mark Trounson the owner of Dynomotive has been tuning the Unichip product for well over 20 years and has a great deal of knowledge on the tuning application of the product.

Our Projects

Dynomotive Harley Project

Unichip Holden Colorado

Gen F HSV VF Project

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