Not so much a blog more of a thanks!

16 Sep 2015 Stories of a Modern Day Mechanic - PJT Unichip,

“Unichip Australia this is Paul”….. My usual greeting when I answer the phone, most customers are after advice for their particular car, or have read something on the net and confirm true or false, get a price or the details for their local Unichip agent… and then I get the best ones! Phone calls with sincere thankyou….. This is what makes my whole job worth wild!

Yes I am a mechanic, yes I do the marketing and the sales of Unichip, I do quoting for all of the other work we do at Dynomotive but still nothing beats having someone simply say thank you here is an email below from one of our customers.

"Hi Paul & Dynomotive Team,

I just wanted to send you a quick email to say a massive thank you to you and your team with all the help and professional customer support your team has offered me to get me back as a valued unichip customer. For those of you that don't know, I was previously a very satisfied unichip customer running a unichip q4 in my 70 series landcruiser. The unichip team in Perth "United fuel injection" had my stock landcruiser tuned up to a very staunch 169rwkw tune at 650nm on 35" tyres. I then found myself caught up in the social media scene with other chip tuning products available for 70 series landcruisers.

I foolishly sold my unichip q4 for another product in a moment of impulsiveness thinking it was going to be superior... What a mistake I had made... Not only did I lose horsepower and torque, but my pyro temperatures were so high, my 70 series was barely driveable on open country roads!! What did I learn from my mistake?? "When you've got something good.. Stick to it!!" So I called up Paul from unichip Dynomotive and explained to him the problems I was experiencing. The team in Melbourne went above and beyond with customer service and support to help me get back as a valued unichip customer. Liaising with the unichip team in Perth "United fuel injection" Matthew Craig fitted the landcruiser back up with a unichip q4, and Unichips latest release unichip turbo! I nearly fell over when the unichip team in Perth rang to tell me that my landcruiser was ready to pick up with a 207rwkw tune at 786nm on 35" tyres!!

Since picking the landcruiser up and driving it, I couldn't believe it was the same landcruiser. The power and torque of the unichip q4 and unichip turbo is delivering is beyond imaginable! It comes on so early, and is held throughout the whole rev range. The delivery of the power is smooth and strong. As for my pyro temps... It's safe to say they are running 150c cooler! The combination of the unichip q4 and unichip turbo is an astounding match giving the driver a heart stopping ride!! So again I want to thank you Paul and your team for your help and time offered to get me back on track with the unichip team! Also huge thanks to the unichip team in Perth "United fuel injection" for your extensive knowledge and professionalism in the installation and tuning of my unichip products! I will 100% be recommending unichip and unichip products to customers that want more out of their vehicles." 

Thanks Guys C.Hopkins "extremely happy unichip customer"