Cheating or lack of knowledge

26 May 2016 0 Comment(s) Stories of a Modern Day Mechanic - PJT Unichip, Power, Torque,

You can call it cheating or you can call it lack of knowledge either way neither is good for you as a consumer.... 


There have been some interesting Dyno power graphs shown on social media recently. There is an industry standard for running cars on Dyno Dynamics computer controlled Dyno’s. It has become apparent that some Dyno shops are choosing to ignore the guidelines and perform power graphs not in the correct “shootout” setting! Below is a table for the correct shootout setting that covers most vehicles.

1. Shoot 4: 4 Cylinder N/A
2. Shoot 4F: 4 Cylinder Forced induction
3. Shoot 44: 4 Cylinder forced induction AWD ( eg Subaru’s , Evo’s )
4. Shoot 6: 6 Cylinder N/A
5. Shoot 6F: 6 Cylinder forced induction
6. Shoot 8: 8 Cylinder N/A
7. Shoot 8F: 8 Cylinder forced Induction

The main difference is in the inertia factor and the “ramp rate” (the rate at which the dyno accelerates, the faster the ramp rate the higher the power number) so if you run a 4-cylinder car in “Shoot 8F” the power reading will be 15-18% higher than running it in Shoot 4F.
The other issue is Shootout was never developed for Diesel 4wd vehicles. It was developed for petrol vehicles. Therefore, the pre-set acceleration and inertia factors are not suitable for Diesel 4wd’s.
Before you get your next Dyno run performed ask your friendly Dyno operator if He is willing to do it in the correct shootout reading for your type of vehicle, if not go elsewhere.

P.S the shootout code is displayed on the bottom of each dyno graph. (Highlighted in green)

…..New blog coming soon with more detailed information…………

                                                        Below is an example we have done in house to show the difference,
                                                            this was performed on a 2.8lt Turbo Diesel 2016 Toyota Hilux.

Red Lines with red arrows are the Unichip Power and torque figures:
Unichip Power: 136.1rwkw
Unichip Torque: 495nm of torque falling away 2800rpm.

Shoot 8 F inflated and incorrectly measured lines in orange with orange arrows:
Shoot 8F Power: 150kwrw
Shoot 8 F Torque: 498nm with a 20% increase in the rev range falling away at 3000rpm.
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