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We have spent countless hours developing the right tuning solution for your AMG Mercedes.

We have a large range of plug and play tuning kits available and we are constantly working on new products.

With the Power of the Uni-x ECU, throttle booster and water temperature potection are standard features as part of the Plug and Play kit.

Packges for your AMG, Designed and Built in Australia. 


C63s - Uni-x ECU

C63s - Uni-x ECU



Unichip E.C.U Only

+MIN 60 RWKW From $3600.00 Drive Away



Unichip ECU & Intake

+ MIN 65-75 RWKW From $5500.00 Drive away



Unichip ECU Intake and Dump Pipes

+MIN 80-90 RWKW From $7900.00 Drive Away



Unichip ECU, Intake, Exhaust

& Turbo's

+ MIN 100-110 RWKW From