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2011-2014 VW SCIROCCO VW106Q

 SKU: 2011-2014 VW SCIROCCO VW106Q


VW106Q 2011-2013

Power Results:
From 164rwkw.
To 195.4rwkw.

Torque Results:
From 300nm
To 380nm

Fuel Control: As 99.99% of factory cars come tuned VERY RICH, it makes sense to lean the fuel mixtures back to a safe area that enables the car to make good power without wasting fuel. With the Unichip we can blend the fuel trims only were required to correct the mass production “errors” allowing the engine to run more efficiently and ultimately last longer, the extra power produced is just a bonus!!

Ignition Timing Control: As with fuel control factory cars come with the ignition timing a long way away from ideal. With the Unichip we can optimise the ignition timing across the entire rev range, with Unichip “LIVE” timing and fuel adjustments are possible, this is the only true way of determining the best possible timing and fuel setting at each load site. Ultimately this will give the car more power, more torque and greater fuel economy. If the owner chooses to run premium unleaded fuel we can set the tune to take full advantage of the higher quality fuel.

Boost Control: With the Unichip boost controller any factory turbo charged car can have the boost optimised, this means more boost down low and more boost higher up the rev range. With factory turbo cars it’s easy to lose control of the boost once high flow air intakes and larger exhaust systems are used, with Unichip the boost can be brought back under control and more power, more torque and greater flexibility can be achieved. Once again with Unichip the boost can be “live tuned” to achieve super accurate results.

Optional Extras 

Cat Converter Driver: When hi flow cats and high flow exhaust systems are added to some cars they can put the engine “check” light on, with the Unichip the secondary oxygen sensor voltage can be modified to keep the engine management “happy” and no more check lights!

Launch control: This feature is popular with drag racers, it enables manual cars to have full throttle starts with a pre set rev limit and full throttle shifts done with an engine cut once the clutch is depressed, just one of the many features the Unichip can run.

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